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   Inner Mongolia Winner Metals and Chemicals Co. Ltd. is one of major special producer of rare earth polishing powder. It is located at Jinshan Economic and Technology Development zone, Huhehaote, Inner Mongolia, and occupied a land area of 25000㎡. Based on the abundant rare earth resources in Inner Mongolia, choosing superior quality of materials, using the advanced production and analysis equipment, and adopting new techniques of wet method classify and dynamic-baking, our polishing powder are guaranteed to be uniformity in both particle size and hardness, WN-100 serials ,WN-200 serials,WN-300serials polishing powder and HP-100 serials high purity & ultra fine Cerium Oxide are mainly used in polishing of LCD、optical glass、crystal 、lens、handset screen、watch glass、plate glass、LOE glass、bevel edge and etc. Our material with well-proportioned particle size and stable quality of each lot, have been well sold to both domestic and international market.
Plant address: Guihua Road, Jinshan Economic and Technology Development zone, Huhehaote, Inner Mongolia,China
Huhehaote Office: 118 Hulun Road South, Huhehaote Inner Mongolia, China
Shanghai Office: No. 309 Fushan Road,Pudong Shanghai, China